We supply Virgin Zinc Ingots at competitive prices across India. This type of material is widely used in various industrial sectors such as chemical industry, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry, dyeing industry and many more. These high quality zinc ingots are also used to make special high grade zinc alloys which are widely used for die casting of various components, roofing applications, batteries and many other applications.


Zinc with the chemical symbol Zn can be recognized by its silvery-blue color. With a maximum melting point of 419.53 and a boiling point of 907, metallic zinc is used in many applications. Zinc ingots can also be separated into standard and jumbo ingots as well as on the basis of their grade, for example, special high grade, continuous galvanizing grade, high grade, etc.





Around 13 million tons of zinc are produced worldwide every year. On the basis of utility the separation is done as follows:

·        About 58% of the total is used in the galvanizing process, which is done to protect the steel from corrosion.

·        About 14% zinc is used to produce zinc die casting alloys.

·        About 9% of zinc is used in the production of chemicals and oxides.

·        About 10% of brass is used in semi and foundry production.


Galvanizing: The galvanizing process involves coating steel products with zinc to make them corrosion resistant. Steel products ranging from steel furniture, buildings, automobiles to home appliances are galvanized.


Zinc Oxide: Zinc oxide is a zinc compound used in the vulcanization of a wide range of products such as paints, ceramics, and rubber.


Die Casting: Zinc die casting alloys are used in many electronic components, hardware accessories, electrical equipment, etc.


Alloy: Zinc and copper are used to make an alloy called brass.



High strength, pure and highly malleable zinc is used in many industrial sectors ranging from chemicals, rubber, automobiles, batteries to furniture.